Let’s Go for a Walk!

/tə.fi:./ – in: of Hausa origin; to walk, a journey

Hi, I’m Love an introverted and awkward human who somehow loves to travel.

Walking – literally and figuratively, is one of my favourite things to do. When I visit a new city, the best thing to do is just wander around; taking in the sights, the chaos, and the people.

I’ve walked many places. The sandy roads of Sacré Cœur to the yellow bakery across the road – the quiet streets of Rosebank at the end of summer as the Jacaranda trees shed their lavender leaves – the bustling streets of Balogun Market as my mother pulled my arms, dragging me through rows of fabric.


Jacaranda Trees
Source: Pmk58

Every place I’ve been, stays with me.

To clear my head, to be at one with nature; I go on walks with my headphones plugged in, fantasising about what could be.

Travelling is a long walk; a journey not just to a physical place, but to a whole new dimension.

You meet your friendship soulmate, who doesn’t even speak the same language as you. You get lost and Google Maps forgets the way, so you suck it up and ask strangers for directions.


As someone who’s rather meticulous, unplanned situations and the unknown scare me. Perhaps that’s why I love to travel so much. No matter how many times you pour over your itinerary, there’s always a curveball.


Your flight gets delayed. It rains for the entire 5 days you’re there; even though the forecast predicted sunny skies.


You meet an interesting stranger on the way to your cooking class – you skip the classes, and two years later they’re one of your closest friends.

On your flight home, you start talking to the man next to you. He gives you his card to call if “you ever need anything”. So you do, and he introduces you to the CEO of your dream company. What a small world it is.


I started this blog to help introverts and socially anxious people like me navigate the world. But I want it to be more than that, I want to inspire all people to break out of their comfort zones and see travel as a means for self-discovery.

I’m excited to go on this journey, and I’m glad to be able to take you with me.

Let’s go!

Tafiya, Love


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