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The Best of Fine Dining in Lagos: Talindo Steak House

One of the greatest culinary gifts to the people of Lagos and Abuja is Lost in Lagos’ Restaurant week. Every year, Lost in Lagos partners with several restaurants and a payment partner to provide diners with a 3-course menu at a set price. This year’s payment partner was MasterCard.

This year for ₦9,000 – ₦11,000 ($24 – $29) at casual dining restaurants and ₦15,000 ($40) at fine dining restaurants, you could enjoy a set 3-course menu at participating restaurants. Considering the year the hospitality industry has had, it was more vital than ever to get people eating. 

There’s a reason why Talindo Steakhouse is a leader at restaurant week. And this year, it was definitely my winner.

The understated restaurant is hailed as the first dining place in Lagos, specialising in “the art of comfort food”. 


Making reservations here is essential. Tables here tend to be fully booked on weekends. 

As a solo female diner in this badly behaved city, making reservations can be a little awkward. I called in the night before to reserve a table for one, and there was no annoying “oh just you?”. I like that.

When I arrived there was no “will anyone be joining you?” and my servers treated me like any other diner. 

There were also two women at the table next to me. Overall, I’d say it’s a female-friendly place to dine.  

Also, while I was dining my Wi-Fi began to act up and I mentioned it to my server. The manager ended up giving the password for their Wi-Fi and that was rather sweet. No, I’m not giving you the password. 

The Menu

The Restaurant Week menu was specially curated but included a number of favourites from the usual menu.

Talindo Menu Restaurant Week

One of the best things about Talindo is the simplicity of their menu. They’re tried and perfected the items on their menu over time, allowing them to maintain a certain standard. Many places in Lagos try to do too much at once and it ends up being all over the place. 

Their Instagram page says they’ve got a new menu coming soon, so that should be exciting. 

Digging in

For drinks, I ordered a mojito. I usually ask the bartender to skip the mint leaves, but the ones here smell fresh. It packed a really light punch (which was good for me) and was it a decent size. 


They started me off with some bread rolls. I’m a sucker for bread rolls. The butter melted right on them and that’s exactly what I like

Bread rolls Bread roll piece

For appetisers, I had the Peri Peri Wings. It smelled absolutely divine and the wings were perfectly cooked. No undercooked meat, and no dry parts. 

Peri peri wings

I packed the rest to go because you need to need some room for dessert of course. 

The main course was a nice platter of South African Steak Frites served with a Cafe du Paris sauce with chicken livers. I mean, when you’re a Talindo’s, you have to order the steak. It came with a side of fries, I promise this was purely a coincidence and I didn’t go there with the intention of ordering fries. Please stop judging me.

Fries with steak

You can specify how well you want your steak done, and I requested medium-well. The chef actually listened. The slightly strong taste of the liver was a great balance against the tender saltiness of the steak. 

South African steak

This too, I could not finish. 

For the finale, I ordered the famous Talindo brownie. It’s served on a bed of hot chocolate sauce and a topping of a rather large scoop of vanilla ice cream. The coolness of the ice cream and the warmth of the chocolate sauce went well together.

Ice cream on brownie

I do wish the brownie was a little moister on the inside. I’m not the biggest fan of dry pastries. 


The restaurant’s setting is much like its menu; simple and understated. There isn’t too much fuss, and it’s in a serene compound in VI. I quite liked the music, a bunch of pop tunes from the 80s. 

Leave the shorts at home

Post Script

The menu was fine dining, so it cost ₦15,000 ($40). Combined with VAT and the ₦3,500 ($10) for my drink; the total came to ₦21,875 ($58).

I should note that I had a generous voucher from my friends at Lost In Lagos.

I’ll definitely come back next year for restaurant week, and if the traffic in Lagos behaves itself, I might even do a review of the entire map.

Happy dining.

Taifya, Love

My Favourite Song from Their Playlist

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