Personal stories and thoughts about travel, anxiety and being awkward.

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    Love Letter #2: Falling Behind

    Hey E., There’s something about the holidays that desperately seeks to remind you of the fact that you’re missing someone to share your life with. The friendships that safely cocoon you throughout the year are ripped open by lovers, paramours,…

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    A year ago, I woke up to the most to watch the sunrise over the hills of another African city. On a solo vacation that I’d been so excited to plan, all I felt was sadness. I felt utterly alone…

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    Public Displays

    Three truths about me: I love to touch the people I care about. Live inside them if you will. I’ve never been in a long-term relationship. I don’t even think I’ve been in love. Despite my chaotic sagas, I’m still…

  • A tub of Blue Bang Original 900 grams

    Butter is Blue

    When I was growing up, Blue Band Original was crème de la crème of spreads. The ads were everywhere.  There was nothing more delicious than some rich Blue Band on two slices of white bread in a kid’s lunch box.…

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    Three weeks ago, I told my mother I loved her for the last time.  Two days later, I was living my greatest fear – she was gone. Now, I am one of those daughters, without a mother.   Our relationship…

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    Feeling 22

    I’ve waited so many years to yell out these Taylor Swift lyrics. 2020 is the year I turned 22, and I’m not sure what I was expecting. Here’s where I thought I would be now – living with the love…

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    Fear of Flying

    Trigger Warning: Travel after sexual assault. How do you do it?  . “Love, you should be more spontaneous”. You don’t get to decide that for me….   I know it seems odd, my need for constant planning, to control situations…