Hotel Review: Bogobiri House Staycation

Ah, Lagos. You have taken so much from me. But within this chaos, there are a few rather visible gems that have come to feel like home. 

One of these is Bogobori House. The little 16 room boutique hotel in Lagos has been a place of many firsts for me. My first slow dance, my first written travel assignment.

For my 22nd birthday, I decided to splurge on a staycation. Here’s my review.

Checking Into a Place Where There are No Strangers

I booked the staycation directly with the hotel. No hidden charges, no additional booking fees. To confirm your booking, you’ll need to make a full payment to their account. 

My trip was initially scheduled for the weekend of October 23, but I had to postpone it to the weekend of November 6. They were really helpful in moving my trip.

They upgraded me to their Palm Suite for my birthday and no extra charge :). No, they had no idea who I was when I booked over the phone, I just asked if I got a birthday present with my reservation, and they offered it to me. 


Before I arrived, there were a few deliveries for me, and they helped deliver them to my room ahead of time. 

Checking in was relatively easy, I just had to present my ID and that was it.

The Room

I first encountered the palm suite on my first travel assignment. It’s covered in seashells. I spoke to the artist, and he collected every single seashell from the beaches in Lagos. There’s a large shower and a cute tub in the room.

There’s an area to hang your clothes, so you don’t have to live out of your suitcase, and the cabinet in the room has more than enough drawers to store your things.

There are 3 mirrors! The room and the toilet have half-length mirrors while the shower has a full-length mirror. 

The lighting is warm and soft, which I prefer; but if you like to take pictures, I’d recommend bringing a mini ring light for extra lighting, as the blind don’t always let that much sunlight in. 

There’s also a mini-fridge and a kettle in this room, in case you’re craving coffee or champagne. 

I didn’t actually watch the TV, but one of the other guests confirmed that he had *some* sports in his rooms. 

There’s art everywhere

The Food

I paid for full board, which included dinner and lunch. I enjoyed the fries, yes all I order anywhere is fries. The chicken was also pretty decent, but one of the other guests did not enjoy the jollof rice. I thought it was fine, but then again I think all jollof rice is pretty average. 

The complimentary breakfast had two options: cereal or bread with eggs. The cereal options were pretty basic – cornflakes or fruit and fibre. Any other preferences will be charged. 


Live Music

If you’re a fan of live music and karaoke, then you’ll definitely love it here. The shared space for karaoke and open mic nights were closed when I stayed here because they were still prepping to open post-lockdown. But, they still found a way to entertain us. Dinner on Friday night was accompanied by covers of all the best 90s jams, and on Saturday night, we were entertained by two reggae bands on the roof.

I had fun with my looks

There’s also a little arts & crafts market where you can get handmade sculptures and fabric; from adire to kampala. Be sure to drive a hard bargain and haggle. 

I now own this kamapla table cloth for no reason


The Garden & Leisure 

I come here often to just sit and read. If you ever have insomnia, you can wander around.

Image from Bogobiri House

The entire premises is covered in books about everything, from 19th-century romances to loving your cat. There’s also a large range of board games in the general area, from scrabble to cards. I spent the second evening organising the monopoly pieces because, well, I don’t know why I did that. 

Saturday: Painting a god and a Cathartic Massage

Bogobiri is home to the Nimbus art gallery. Part of the staycation activities was a painting class with one of the artists.

I am obviously not a painter; my interpretation of the god from The Palmwine Drinkard

After this, it was off to get a full body massage. The main spa room is still under construction (I’m told it’ll include the signature shells from the palm suite), so we used one of the empty rooms.

It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve experienced in a while, and I had a rather satisfying cry afterwards. 

On display at Nimbus Gallery

Sunday Morning

Checking out is probably the saddest part of a getaway. Checkout at Bogobiri is at 12 pm. I had my bags packed really early and spent most of the morning in bed finishing up my wine and working on the website.

I had plans to have brunch with a friend in the restaurant, and the staff were kind enough to keep my bags for me till I left at about 5:30 pm.

Image from Bogobiri House


Pack Your Bags

If you’re looking to escape the chaos of Lagos for a few days, I’d definitely recommend this staycation. It’s in a great location; Spar is a few minutes walk away, and there’s a number of restaurants to choose from in case you’re craving something that isn’t on their menu. 

WiFi – Yes! And the speed is pretty good.

Female friendly? – From the moment I booked, everyone was really nice, and no one disrespected me during my stay. I also left my earbuds somewhere in the hotel, and they held on to them for me till I could pick them up.

The half-board staycation will set you back 100,00 (about $262), while full-board is 120,000 (about $315).

 Book Your Staycation at Bogobiri House

Play This if You Stay

Tafiya, Love

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